Recent Before & After Photos

Sub floor Mold Damage

Replacing your current carpet or hardwood floor can be a very exciting time. out with the old and in with the new beautiful flooring of your picking. So you sta... READ MORE

HAZMAT X Tub flooding

Here at SERVPRO we see a lot of crazy things on a daily basis. The job was one for the record books. SERVPRO is called in on a possible CAT 2 water loss at a re... READ MORE

Commercial Mold Remediation

Commercial buildings are one of the largest area we at SERVPRO tend to see mold problems occur at. Is it because as we as people grow we try to streamline desig... READ MORE

commercial Mold

Mold is something that we has people live with everyday, from the algein the water to the mold on your coffee cup when you forget its on the night stand for a f... READ MORE

Commercial Oil Spill

When renting or owning you own apartment complex you must be prepared for anything. In the images above you can see the before and after of a major oil leak in ... READ MORE

Total House Fire

This is one of the worst fire losses we here at SERVPRO Have gotten to handle.This fire destroyed over 73.89% of the surfaces it encountered. The cause of the w... READ MORE

Community Center Fire

Above you see the aftermath of a electrical fire in what was once a community center many families used when they were at the community beach. Complete with A/C... READ MORE

Fire Damage

Fire Damage is by far the scariest type of damage to watch occur. The flames overtaking anything it can , the smoke covering the whole area. All the way down to... READ MORE

Flood Waters

Flood water is a nasty thing. Here we have a flood that occurred in Bushkill. The water from a local stream began to overflow due to high water amounts in the d... READ MORE

Wind Storm Damage

Wind damage is a huge part of the power a storm can have. We as people see things like tornadoes and hurricanes even just very strong storms destroy peoples hom... READ MORE