Recent Before & After Photos

Storm Damaged Roof

This Roof damage in East Stroudsburg, PA was the result of months of mass amounts of rain, snow and wind damage. The NE region of Pennsylvania was hit with some... READ MORE

Septic overflow in a barber shop

Septic overflow is a small business owners worst nightmare. Especially when the loss happens in the middle of the night. In the photos above you see the before ... READ MORE

Storm ridden insulation

The pictures above show what happens when a roof leak causes the roofing insulation to get saturated and therefore of no use anymore. SERVPRO received the call ... READ MORE

Sub Pump Overflow

installing a sub pump in your home is a great way to prepare for the worst but be ready for the best. In this house the home received a record amount of snow ov... READ MORE

Water Damage in the Family Room

The family room is a place meant for making memories with your family, opening holiday gifts with the family by an open fire. Then the house gets flooded , no ... READ MORE

Momma always said no silverware in the microwave

When the microwave came out it hit the US harder then John Lennon and the Beatles. Everyone wanted a microwave but at the time they were a small fortune to own,... READ MORE

Kitchen Hood Fire

Fire damage in this Monroe County kitchen was Massive. The before photo shows the heavily soot covered  wall cabinets and exhaust hood. The rest ... READ MORE

Sub floor Mold Damage

Replacing your current carpet or hardwood floor can be a very exciting time. out with the old and in with the new beautiful flooring of your picking. So you sta... READ MORE

HAZMAT X Tub flooding

Here at SERVPRO we see a lot of crazy things on a daily basis. The job was one for the record books. SERVPRO is called in on a possible CAT 2 water loss at a re... READ MORE

Commercial Mold Remediation

Commercial buildings are one of the largest area we at SERVPRO tend to see mold problems occur at. Is it because as we as people grow we try to streamline desig... READ MORE