Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Hole in Roof!

Tree came right thru the roof into the living room during a massive rain storm 

Storm Damaged Roof

This Roof damage in East Stroudsburg, PA was the result of months of mass amounts of rain, snow and wind damage. The NE region of Pennsylvania was hit with some... READ MORE

Storm ridden insulation

The pictures above show what happens when a roof leak causes the roofing insulation to get saturated and therefore of no use anymore. SERVPRO received the call ... READ MORE

Sub Pump Overflow

installing a sub pump in your home is a great way to prepare for the worst but be ready for the best. In this house the home received a record amount of snow ov... READ MORE

Flood Waters

Flood water is a nasty thing. Here we have a flood that occurred in Bushkill. The water from a local stream began to overflow due to high water amounts in the d... READ MORE

Wind Storm Damage

Wind damage is a huge part of the power a storm can have. We as people see things like tornadoes and hurricanes even just very strong storms destroy peoples hom... READ MORE

Storm Damage Water Leak

Storm damage comes in all shapes and sizes. This job here would be an example of a small loss. Only a little bit of damage caused the roof and wall to get a bit... READ MORE

Roof Storm Damage

Here we have some storm damage that took out 1/3 of the shingles on the roof. Heavy rain combined with Some heavy winds caused part of the roof to start to lose... READ MORE